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"Big Picture Basics - Horoscope of Prashant Trivedi/PT" by Veno


We can infer alot about one's life just from the Ascendant and the Ascendant lord alone, as both of these indicators show the main path in life and the basic identity of the self. Looking at these two important identification markers, here is the Rasi chart of  Prashant Trivedi/PT.

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In this chart the Ascendant or rising sign is Aquarius. One of the names for Aquarius is the water bearer and is symbolized by a man with a pitcher pouring the waters of life down onto the hungry populace, thus highlighting the fact that Aquarian natives work for the good of all and possess a philanthropic and humanitarian spirit. The main symbol of Aquarius is depicted by two zigzaggy lines, which symbolizes closure in water. Water represents the collective unconscious and the main role for Aquarius Ascendant is to nourish and awaken the higher consciousness or higher mind in others.


Other attributes associated with this sign are that one is mystical, eccentric, futuristic, inventive, interested in scientific and progressive lines of thought and enquiry, and technological advancement. A sign being related to electricity, Aquarius Ascendants often enjoy letting the sparks fly and shocking others into a kind of sudden awakening. Being an airy sign ruled by Saturn, these natives can be quite cool and detached even when being friendly and interacting wholeheartedly with others. They are often on the outside, looking in. Being a fixed sign Aquarians can be fixed in their views, even if at the same time they are open to the opinions of others.. They are often seen to be unconventional in their behaviour and like to dress in an offbeat and original style.


The Ascendant degree falls in the nakshatra of Dhanishta. Dhanista's symbol is a drum , signifying rhythmic attunement to the patterns of destiny in which one is able to make the best use of their time, and often suggests someone who is musical with a keen sense of rhythm. The drum is also a hollow instrument, and gives potential to tune into universal mind without letting the ego interfere in the process . Dhanistha is presided over by a group of eight gods called the Vasus. Vasu translates into "superb, excellent, wealthy" . One born under Dhanishta is usually possessor of many fine traits and talents, and is often seen to lead a lucky or fortunate existence.


The main path the native travels is shown by the position of the Ascendant lord, in this case Saturn. Here Saturn falls in a friendly sign Gemini in the 5th house. Having an intellectual sign on the Ascendant and the Ascendant lord in the intellectual sign of Gemini, in the 5th house of intelligence, accentuates the intellectual path of the native and a gift for abstraction. Gemini is a sign of quickness, ingenuity, communicative ability, lightness, humour, talent for facts and figures, and these traits are easily identifiable in the native's personality.


Ascendant lord Saturn occupying a friendly sign in the 5th house suggests easy and fairly rapid unfoldment of one's destined path in life. This ease is boosted by Venus the 4th and 9th lord being conjunct Saturn forming Rajayoga. One's main path lies in creative expression, magic, teaching,advising, spiritual practice, mental exploration, love, ability to attract, romance, leadership, judgement,wisdom, political acumen, karmic merit, sport, play, fun, fame, and ability to divine the destiny of others. Because of the harmonious and powerful status of the 5th house, the native excels in these areas.


Saturn occupies the nakshatra of Purnavasu, allowing one to be adventurous in these endeavours. There is no goal which is too high , no place too far to travel to, one is able to occupy a big space. Among other indications, it infers that one's  influence is going to spread far and wide . Even though one can travel far afield one is usually attached to their home. This is especially true with Saturn harmoniously conjunct the 4th lord Venus. Home for this native is also Self (Saturn ruling the 1st house of the self ), and indicates that one is very comfortable with who and what they are, what they have to do. Venus the planet of harmony, beauty, luxury and compassion boosts this quality and gives the native an attractive and refined appearance. Purnavasu likes simplicity and this agrees very much with the planet Saturn who occupies it, indicating that the native is humble and uncomplicated in their approach and outlook.


Saturn is a naturally cautious planet, a planet of responsibility and restriction, so the native has a very careful and serious approach to all 5th house affairs even if these affairs operate under the Gemini gaze of fun, lightness and flexibility. Negative effects of the 12th house which Saturn rules are minimized due to Saturn also ruling the 1st house, and it reinforces the fact that life  is a path of selfless service.


Having Venus in the 5th house in a friendly sign, the 9th lord of "dharma" in another "dharma" house shows the native is pursuing the highest path of wisdom. They possess the rare ability to teach or inspire others on the highest path..


Venus occupies the nakshatra of Ardra, a nakshatra which is a little stormy but able to penetrate the multifarious layers of the mind. Ardra's symbol is a diamond , a brilliant vision to behold, but also the hardest substance known to man. As 9th lord we can infer that it makes the native unyielding in their efforts to teach others in a penetrating and cutting manner and one will not relent until the job is done.


Ardra  doesn't mind blasting others with a penetrating dose of intelligent sarcasm and ruthless dissection, always in this case for the purpose of teaching and transformation.Gemini is a flexible sign and neither does one mind a little bit of  sleight of hand in their methods to achieve their goal. Ardra is also quite childlike, and reveals an ability to experience intense joys and intense sorrows in matters of the mind and heart.


Mars aspecting the 5th house from the 2nd adds excitement to the 5th house affairs, Mars being an energetic and passionate influence.


Another  important component in this Saturn and Venus combo is the fact that Venus is having powerful exchange with the 5th and 8th lord Mercury, also placed in a friendly sign with natural friends Sun and Ketu. The lord of the  1st , 4th, 5th and 9th are all intimately involved with one another. This boosts the 4th and 5th house indications which exemplify the native's life and achievements.


The planet of discrimination (Mercury) and the planet of love and compassion (Venus)  work together like a finely tuned machine, and allow the native to raise their intelligence and teaching abilities to great heights. The planet of the heart, 4th lord connected to the planet of love, 5th lord indicates a joyful soul. It also adds tremendous charm and gracefulness. The 8th and 9th lordship of Mercury and Venus is a powerful and magical combination. Mercury is  atmakaraka and occupies the constellation of Mrigashira, a constellation which adds a vibrant, whimsical, highly romantic, restless and searching disposition.. Venus and Mercury are exalted in navamsa.


Rahu is  a co-ruler of Aquarius and  is placed in Scorpio in the 10th house. Rahu is a planet connected to the serpent forces (kundalini shakti) and and in the sign of Scorpio represents a much deeper, intuitive and profoundly mysterious side to the intellect. This expands the Ascendant, or nature and destiny of the native into a very big picture. Rahu 's position in the mid heaven makes this planetary influence a major apex channel for just about every  other planet.