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(No previous knowledge of Astrology required)

Learn Jyotish/Vedic Astrology by learning to read your own horoscope

Your Course & your Birth Chart will be sent as PDF Files.


Once you order please wait for me to write back to you (within 24 hrs). I will require your birth details .



I enjoyed your course. I found it well structured and user-friendly. In addition, you are the only astrologers I know who also provide a background of astronomy. I did not need this as I am an amateur astronomer, but I think it is good to show people what the signs actually are!


- J. Hartwig, Italy




Greetings...I just wanted to send you a Big Thank You for the course ! I have enjoyed it a lot....! I have just recieved the certificate..!! The book Rahu & Ketu, arrived fast and promptly as well.....and I read in it every day.!! I must say to you that it is a very clear and straightforward book..very easy to read...and with TONS of information..!! I am very pleased to have one in my care..!!! I am continuing learning through other peoples charts, and I have bought more here I am , learning the art of Vedic Astrology, thanks to your inspiring, hand-on beginners-course..!!!


- Kerstin Jansson from Portugal




ā€œNot only does the OSFA course introduce the essential elements of chart interpretation to the student, it is exceptionally well organized and succinct. The hands on exercises are invaluable for grasping basic procedure and solidifying the principles into ones mind. In addition to helping the student understand the text, the tutors reveal what they see in the chart that the student has missed as it pertains to the task at hand. Without their eyes as a focus for mine, I would not have been able to see important features in my chart that were eluding my sight.ā€


- Lynn Durst, USA




The course material is very interesting and clearly written.


- C. Wildwood, U.K.




I have never seriously ventured into any type of astrology before, so I wasn't sure that I could learn it. Everyone says that astrology, especially vedic astrology is very complicated. But I found the course to be very simple, and a lot of fun. The tutors really helped me a lot. Now I am able to understand my own chart, it's so great ...


- B. Domas, New York, USA




I have realised after doing this course that vedic astrology is a concrete science which is of much use in day to day life. It is always good to know more about yourself. Vedic astrology helps one do exactly that. In my view no person would have any difficulty learning from this course as it is completely to the point and does not leave you searching in a maze of words. It is much easier than all the introductory books which I have read on the subject. It took me less than a month to complete it. I am looking forward to a more advanced course ...


- Les H. Joseph, Queensland, Australia




I found this course to be exactly what it says it is. I am now in a position to interpret not only my own chart but read other people's charts as well. Vedic Astrology is definitely on a wave !


- Aditya, New Delhi, India

It's better than any psychological course, counselling or therapy.


It is in fact the BEST THERAPY as it helps you understand yourself as well as others better.


It is a POWERFUL TOOL which gives you the confidence and the knowledge to UNLOCK YOUR POTENTIAL.


You get to know -


the why of what has happened in your life till now.


what's happening right now.


what's going to happen and much more...


The course is divided into 24 short easy to read lessons.


If you do 1 lesson in a day by sparing just 1-2 hours each day you will finish this course in LESS THAN 1 MONTH !


You don't need to know anything about astrology to do this course... this course is exactly what it says it is - a BEGINNER'S COURSE !


There is no boring theory or mathematical calculations involved. These days computers do all the dirty work for you. This course will tell you the most SIMPLE WAYS to get things done.


You will be analyzing your own chart throughout the course. This keeps learning EXCITING every step of the way !


You will be applying the knowledge gained from each lesson in SIMPLE EXERCISES which relate directly to your chart.


You have a PERSONAL TUTOR to assess your answers and provide appropriate suggestion and guidance at every step.


The WHOLE COURSE is sent to you in one go...You have it all in front of you straight away !


Your COMPLETE VEDIC BIRTHCHART is sent to you along with the course.


You receive an OSFA CERTIFICATE after you complete the course!