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Nodal School - Quick Lessons

By Veno
Where we find Rahu in the chart is the new lesson for this lifetime, but Rahu is the planet of great obssession too, so the lesson itself can become an obssession and keep us in the clutches of maya.

Where we find Ketu is the tool to help us learn the new Rahu lesson in life, this tool might happen through both negative or positive experiences, Ketu is also the answer to our moksha or spiritual liberation.. So we should use this tool to move forward on the spiritual ascending path..Sometimes Ketu can cause stagnation, because we tend to identify ourselves with it too much, rather than venturing into our Rahu lesson.

Rahu in 1st, Ketu in 7th...Rahu in aries, Ketu in libra
We have to learn about ourselves, how to put ourselves first. Our relationships lead us to this lesson. It is how we relate to others that we can grow on the spiritual path.

Rahu in 2nd, Ketu in 8th... Rahu in taurus, Ketu in scorpio
We have to learn to nourish, the nourishment we receive from others shows us what, who and how to nourish..We have to build, rather than destroy, but we should know when and how to change, that will move us forward on our spiritual journey.

Rahu in 3rd, Ketu in 9th ... Rahu in gemini, Ketu in saggitarius
We have to learn to take action, to take the lead. Luck, opportunity and guidance push us on this path... But we should act on the right opportunities, this is what leads to spiritual growth.
  Rahu in 4th, Ketu in 10th... Rahu in cancer, Ketu in capricorn
We need to find happiness within. How we present ourselves to the outer world and how we are received by the world impacts our happiness. We must present ourselves in the right way in order to be happy within.

Rahu in 5th, Ketu in 11th ... Rahu in leo, Ketu in aquarius
We need to create and love. Our goals and friendships lead us to our creative power and lessons in love. We need to align our goals so that our creativity and capacity for love shines forth.

Rahu in 6th, Ketu in 12th ... Rahu in virgo, Ketu in pisces
We must help, fight, work hard. Having adequate rest, spiritual awareness, and a sacrificing spirit enables us to be helpful to others, to fight for right things, to work towards that which is going to liberate us..

Rahu in 7th, Ketu in 1st... Rahu in libra, Ketu in aries
We must relate to others, understanding ourselves helps us relate to others better, self understanding is our spiritual power.
  Rahu in 8th, Ketu in 2nd..... Rahu in scorpio, Ketu in taurus
We must receive from others and destroy things that have outlived there usefulness, by feeding the right thing, we allow ourselves to receive and know when to move on.

Rahu in 9th, Ketu in 3rd.... Rahu in saggitarius, Ketu in gemini
We must believe, follow guidance and teach others. Our actions and initiative are tools to help us learn and trust in the right way.

Rahu in 10th, Ketu in 4th.... Rahu in capricorn, Ketu in cancer
We must present ourselves and impact the world, our inner stability helps us to brave the world. It is our inner power that gives us our outer shine and usefulness.

Rahu in 11th, Ketu in 5th... Rahu in Aquarius, Ketu in leo
We must circulate among others and learn to aspire. Our intelligence, creativity and love enables us attract the people who benefit the most and gives rise to right goals.

Rahu in 12th, Ketu in 6th Rahu in pisces, Ketu in virgo
We must surrender, rest, sacrifice. Our hardwork, helpful and fighting spirit brings us to the place of spiritual awareness and dependance on the unknown, it is only from there that our helpfulness becomes divine service.

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