Veno Astrology - Veno is a Vedic Astrologer and has practiced jyotish for more than three decades

Veno has practiced Jyotish aka Vedic Astrology  for almost three decades and has been a student of occult science since her early childhood. Her ancestral indigenous lineage introduced her to shamanic concepts from a young age. She studied and practiced psychic healing before co-founding OSFA, Orion school & Foundation for Astrology in 2000.



For many years she underwent extensive training in Jyotish/Vedanta and had opportunity to visit India to get more acquainted with Vedic roots. For more on her perspective and background Read Here.



From 2006-2009 she travelled widely throughout the Americas & Mexico learning more about shamanic culture of indigenous people and exchanging dialogue and teachings with native elders. She now runs her own Jyotish Practice.



Her media appearances include BBC Radio (London), Channel 5 TV (London), Sky TV (New York), Mix Talk Radio (Ohio) and the Paranormal Examiner (Texas).



She has contributed to Prashant Trivedi/PT's published works "Sun-The Cosmic Power House" (writer), "The Rahu Ketu Experience" ( illustrator)  & "The 27 Celestial Portals" ( illustrator).



Besides Jyotish, Veno is a musician and visual artist and worked as a professional musician in Britain and New York. Visit her Visual  Sound Gallery.

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